1) We run the own data center – we control the total service provision process, so we can both provide complex services and ensure high service availability.
2) We use the hardware of world-famous leaders only: APC, Dell, Intel, HP, Cisco, Brocade, SuperMicro etc.
3) There is an automatic monitoring system in the data center which monitors the service functioning 24 hours per day and responds to certain failures, suppose, balance the server load etc.
4) Every day, data backups are made for all virtual private servers to the remote backup server and stored for at least one week.
5) Double electric terminals, a generator and very powerful APC uninterrupted power supplies are connected to the data center.
6) If our customers need it, we can provide them with the remote control: PDU and KVM.
7) Our data center is located in a geographically good position – In Eastern Europe, Lithuania, Vilnius.
8) The capacity of the data center network is 80 Gbps and is balanced between some different internet providers, so your server is reached in the shortest way (the delay is shorter, the availability and stability are better).
9) We update the hardware and software of servers, networks etc. periodically, so our customers always use the latest and most efficient equipment.
10) We developed a modern control panel allowing controlling our services easily and conveniently, installing automatic payment systems for your projects etc. if you need them.

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