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UAB "Esnet"

specializes in data center services since 2007. By choosing the services of UAB Esnet, customers not only reduce their costs, but also save time.

UAB Esnet manages the entire data provision process by managing its own data center. Therefore it can provide not only complex services but also ensure high availability of services at a competitive price. The company with many years of experience constantly invests in the data center infrastructure, thus increasing the range of services and improving their quality. The company pays special attention to solving customer problems to achieve long-term mutual cooperation.

Flexible solutions, many years of experience, a competitive price for services and a continuous process of improvement - these are the qualities that make us worth choosing.


UAB "Esnet"

Company code: 302482484
TAX VAT code: LT 100007300313
Address: Zuvedru g. 36, Vilnius, LT-10103, Lithuania

Bank name: AB "Swedbank"
Bank Account number: LT277300010121039274
IBAN: LT277300010121039274