Colocate your IT equipment in our data center.

Network redundancy

The data center uses a cluster of Juniper network equipment that can service up to 2x 12 Tbps bandwidth. The overall network speed is up to 80 Gbps and is balanced between several different ISPs for the shortest connectivity and stability.

Power redundancy

Two inputs from separate transformers are powered by different power supply lines. Diesel generator, duplicated high-power uninterruptible power supplies UPS ensures a stable power supply.

Remote control

You can perform key functions remotely using IP KVM management with virtual media support and managed power outlets (PDUs).

DDoS protection

Our data center is equipped with fully automated multi-level anti-DDoS system that not only detects the most popular attack patterns (DNS, ICMP, UDP, TCP, CHARGEN, etc.) and blocks unwanted traffic, but also analyzes it in real-time and responds accordingly by filtering DDoS attacks.

Additional services

You can rent from us ASN, IPv4 or IPv6 addresses, order individual configuration of firewall barriers at the network level, storage for your backup space, get monitoring of servers by informing via SMS messages, ability connect additional devices, etc.


Data center is protected by security guard 24/7 and monitored by video cameras. Only our staff can enter the premises for complete security guarantee.


A high-efficiency hybrid cooling system which allows cooling the data center with filtered outdoor air during the cold season and air conditioners during the warm season.

Remote hands

According to your needs, we can order and assemble new equipment, replace the necessary components or simply reboot it. Also, we periodically perform a visual inspection of the client equipment and report about any possible failures.

Rack and tower type servers

We can accept rack, tower, and non-standard sized server equipment.

Professional support

The employees of our company are qualified with long-term experience in the field of servers and network administration, who will always try to help you if you have any questions or problems using our services.