Loyalty and referral programs

Loyalty program

By using our services, you not only save your money, but also get additional benefits - more resources for the same price.

While using our VPS services every month you will receive:

+2% RAM

Can grow up to 50%!

Referral program

You can earn extra money by offering our services to others.

You will receive 15% from orders of your invited customer. Let's take an example that he pays 100€/mo, then your income will look like this:

1 month

15 EUR


2 month

30 EUR


3 month

45 EUR


4 month

60 EUR


5 month

75 EUR


6 month

90 EUR


You can upload a logo / banner of the desired size or just a link to your project and if the person who comes through this link pays for the service - you will receive 15% of that amount to your vpsnet.com account balance. You can earn up to half a year's money (excluding SMS income and VAT) from the customer's orders.