Referral System

This system is intended for those ones who would like to earn from recommending our services to others.
You can load a logo/banner of the desirable size or just a link to your project; if the person coming through this link pays the service, 15% money paid by that customer will get to your balance. You can earn the money of the brought customer in the period up to half a year in the "macro" ways (bank, PayPal etc.)
You balance will be supplemented a month and a week later if that customer still has an active service.

For example:


The customer buys a VPS for 100 EUR for one month and prolongs every month for one year.
Your revenue to the balance will be like this:


Month Share allocated to you
First 15 EUR (15%)
Second 15 EUR (15%)
Third 15 EUR (15%)
Fourth 15 EUR (15%)
Fifth 15 EUR (15%)
Sixth 15 EUR (15%)

WARNING. If we see any cases of fraud, i.e., the same user creates separate accounts and uses this recommendation system maliciously, it will be punished: such accounts can be removed without notice together with the accumulated balance money and services.

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