10 Reasons

1) The employees of our company are qualified and have long-term experience in the field of server administration; they will always try to help you if you have any questions or problems in the use of our services.
2) We offer the most suitable, but not the most expensive variant in order to satisfy the customer’s expectations.

3) We constantly invest in the development of our data center.
4) We offer flexible ways of payment which will even meet the most demanding customer needs.
5) We monitor the functioning of the data center 24 hours per day, so we can liquidate any failures in the maximum speed.
6) We offer competitive prices.
7) We define the services provided by us transparently and clearly without misleading customers in order to lure them in the way of fraud like most other providers, for example:
If we write that we use SSD disks, it means we use real SSD disks (not caching ones or other cheap alternatives which improve the speed partially only);
We indicate the real names of services – we do not call VPS (Virtual Private Server) - virtual dedicated (VDS) or dedicated server (DS);
We balance the load of virtual servers honestly without providing any false information to our customers that the resources are assured (virtual servers do not have any assured resources).
8) We provide a 30-day money back warranty – if you decide that our services is not right for you, we will return the money.
9) Unlike a lot of other hosting providers, we actually own and manage our own premium hardware that ensures top quality of our services.
10) We offer an especially wide range of services – from virtual to dedicated servers, an individual internet line or other services.

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