Virtual dedicated server (VDS) – it is a kind of virtualization technology of a higher category than VPS (OpenVZ) (do not delude yourselves – it is not the same as VPS, but there are some suppliers misleading with these names on purpose, so be careful) enabling installing any desirable operating system in VDS.
VDS is suitable if you need to install "Windows" or any other operating system and/or have a unique/specific kernel.
You can change the desirable parameters of the VPS resources (RAM, CPU, etc.) anytime by regulating your costs and choosing the necessary amount of resources and you will not suffer any extra costs in this way (purchase of hardware, maintenance, wear etc.); you will also install the own operating system independently.
All servers are watched by monitoring systems 24 hours per day and 7 days per week, so we will eliminate a failure expeditiously if any. Besides, there is a load balancing system in the servers that ensures they will never be overloaded (in other words, "oversold"), thus our customers will always use qualitative services and have assured resources.
The VDS service offered by us is flexible because you can choose very wide resource strips with its help. For example, the customer can obtain an internet connection speed up to 1 Gbps (you can get various corrections in an individual agreement) and it is very convenient for those wanting to avoid individual DoS, different "flood" attacks or just needing a much higher internet connection speed for their projects.
VDS are administered independently, but our administration can advise how to perform certain acts or divert the customer properly if there are any difficulties.
Our employees can perform the software installation or configuration works for the agreed charge (depending on the volume of work, but the minimum price starts from 10 EUR).
We can also administer your server for the agreed monthly charge (the price depends on the volume of work), but then customer does not get a "root" access. For more info please, contact us.

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