Dedicated server (DS) is an individual physical server with all assured/dedicated resources (RAM, CPU, SSD etc.).
A dedicated server is usually used in case of a lack of resources provided in the way of virtualization or if there are no proper ways of virtualization for certain reasons (suppose, you need to use virtualization in it on your own).
Dedicated servers also serve their purpose if a special set is required, for example, a high amount of RAM, the disk space, CPU etc. Or you need to connect specific devices: an individual RAID controller, GSM modem, DVB converter, GPU etc.
If you need it, we can assemble a dedicated server of practically any components or connect any other service to it, suppose, data backups, server monitoring system with the information by SMS etc.; these cases are discussed individually by contacting us.
We can connect your dedicated server to the "Shared" or dedicated internet line up to 10 Gbps if you need it.
If you have any special needs, contact us and we will try to offer the best price/quality ratio for the implementation of your goal.

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