Virtual Server, VPS

It is a cheap alternative to the dedicated server based on the cloud hosting technology which allows changing the server resources quickly and flexibly without interrupting it's work if necessary. No extra charges and worries about hardware rent.


Virtual Dedicated Server

VDS is a cheaper alternative (KVM virtualization) to the dedicated server, but it uses more professional virtualization enabling recording any desirable operating system (including Windows, FreeBSD etc.), having an individual kernel and controlling the server much more flexibly.

Dedicated servers

Dedicated server

It is an individual physical server with all dedicated resources (RAM, CPU, SSD etc.). It is mostly required if the amount of resources provided in the way of virtualization is insufficient or there are no suitable ways of virtualization for certain reasons. They are especially suitable if it is necessary to have a lot of certain server resources, suppose, SSD space, amount of RAM, GPU etc.

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