Server solutions

Performance. Stability. Quality.

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Virtual Server, VPS

Linux virtual servers based on Virtuozzo 7 virtualization

Virtual Dedicated Server, VDS

Choose Windows, Linux or other OS premium KVM server


Colocate your server in our data center

Dedicated Server

Build custom AMD or Intel bare-metal server with dedicated resources such as NVMe SSD, GPU etc.

Performance and Stability

We offer premium-class servers with blazing fast NVMe SSD disks, network with DDoS protection and professional customer support.

High clock speed CPUs

We are proud to say that our servers use extremely powerful processors with 3GHz and higher clock speed, which ensure fast, effective and smooth operation of servers and applications.

3GHzand more

Easy-to-use control panel

Manage your servers easily and quickly.


A few of the many.

Free daily backups

No fear to lose your data.

Lightning-fast activation

Instant server activation

Free DDoS protection

Automatic anti-DDoS mitigation system defends against various types of attacks.

30-day money-back guarantee

No hassle, no risk.