Privacy policy

UAB ESNET (hereinafter – „Esnet“ or company) agrees that the protection of personal data is important both for our customers and for other data subjects (hereinafter – data subjects) and is obligated to respect and protect the privacy of every data subject.

The following policy of privacy:

  • defines the obligation and responsibility of „Esnet“ trying to protect and respect the personal privacy;
  • explains the way „Esnet“ collects, uses, protects and manages personal data;
  • informs data subjects about the way their personal data is managed and rights of every data subject.

Managing the personal data of data subjects, we observe the Law on the Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania, GDRP, Law on the Electronic Communication of the Republic of Lithuania and other directly applied legal acts regulating the protection of personal data as well as instructions of the authorities.

The policy of privacy (last update in May 2018) is only applied in case the person uses the services of „Esnet“ and visits our websites. No notification of privacy is applied in case the websites or services of other companies are used even if the connection is performed by using the network or services of „Esnet“.



  • Personal data – any information that is related with the natural person – data subject – whose identity is known or can be determined directly or indirectly by using appropriate data.
  • Customer – any person that orders, buys or uses the services of our company. The customer with that „Esnet“ has a contract shall ensure that all final users (for example, family members) using the company’s services ordered by the customer are familiarized with the notification of privacy and observe its rules.
  • Depersonalized data – information that is not related with the natural person any more because all the elements enabling determining the person’s identity have been removed from the personal data set.
  • Services – any products or services offered by „Esnet“ both in an electronic and non-electronic way.
  • Stream data – data that is managed in order to transfer information in the electronic communication network and (or) for the protection of this transfer. Using the electronic communication services, the data is developed that can, for example, show information about subscribers and their terminal devices, time of beginning and end of the communication, duration and route, data transfer protocol, amount of transferred data, geographic location of the terminal devices used by the electronic communication service user, format of the data transferred in the communication network and other data managed in the electronic communication networks or on the provision of electronic communication services. In case the stream data enables identifying the person directly or indirectly, it is also considered personal data.
  • Location determination data – data managed in the electronic communication networks or on the provision of electronic communication services indicating the geographic location of the terminal devices of the actual electronic communication service user.

How do we collect your personal data?

„Esnet“ offers a wide range of services. The information we collect about you depends on the services ordered or used by you as well as information provided by you to us on ordering services or logging on our websites.

We collect the data:


  • provided by you, for example, when you communicate or have any legal relations with our company, for example, buy services or get registration for services, subscribe newsletters or apply to us for information;
  • generated when you use our services as per legal acts in force, for example, when you use our network and services (for example, send an e-mail).


You are not obligated to provide any personal data to „Esnet“, thus, in case you decide not to do it, we may not provide you with any services.

What personal data do we collect?

We collect the data belonging to the following categories:


  • main information, for example, first name, surname, address, contact data;
  • data that is related with the service provision, for example, service and order details, issue of invoices, payment details, information about the agreement and disagreement with the management of personal data for the purpose of direct marketing and related records;
  • data that is generated by using communication means and our services, for example, stream data – date, time and duration of beginning of the connection, IP address used by the internet user on the connection etc.;
  • other data about the use of services, for example, the data collected by using cookies and similar technologies related with the online search etc.

Every data subject registered in the "Esnet" system shall provide correct identification data and enter the answer to the chosen secret security question that is not reminded or sent by e-mail. Later this and other data (e-mail address, user name etc.) will be used for the user’s identification.


On your request, "Esnet" will allow the data subject to familiarize with its personal data; information will be provided from which sources and which personal data has been collected, on which purpose it is managed, to which data receivers they are provided and have been provided at least in the last year. All this information would be provided not later than within 30 calendar days since the date of application of the data subject once per calendar year for free.

How do we use your personal data?

„Esnet“ only collects and manages your personal data on the basis of the legal grounds defined in the legal acts regulating the protection of personal data – in order to conclude and (or) execute the contract concluded with you, with your agreement, when „Esnet“ is obligated to manage the personal data by appropriate legal acts or the personal data shall be managed for the legal interest of „Esnet“ (unless the interests of the data subject are more important).

„Esnet“ manages the personal data for the following purposes:


  • Provision of server lease services and conclusion of contracts, control of payment for the services. We manage the personal data that is obligatory in order to ensure proper service provision for our customers – accept and execute orders, issue invoices for services, serve our customers, determine and correct various failures and incidents, analyse claims etc.
  • Direct marketing. We manage both depersonalized and personal data for the purpose of direct marketing.
  • Other purposes, for which „Esnet“ is entitled to manage your personal data, is your agreement, when the data shall be managed for the legal interest of „Esnet“ or „Esnet“ is obligated to manage the personal data by appropriate legal acts. We can manage the personal data for another purpose, too, in case we have the agreement of the data subject or are entitled to manage the data on the basis of the legal interest. We also manage the personal data in order to execute the duties indicated in the legal acts properly, which are related with, for example, accounting, data provision to the authorities or when it is required by the legal acts.

In all the above-mentioned cases, „Esnet“ only manages the personal and (or) stream data to the extent that is necessary to reach any clearly defined and legal purposes considering the protection of privacy of the data subject.

„Esnet“ ensures the personal data is managed exactly, honestly and legally and only for the purpose set before collecting the personal data and only strictly in accordance with clear and transparent requirements of the personal data management.

How do we protect your data?

The assurance of protection of your personal data is important for us.

In order to manage your personal data, „Esnet“ has implemented appropriate organizational and technical safety assurance means, which help to protect the personal data from accidental or illegal destruction, changing, disclosure or any other illegal management.

Whom do we provide your data?

We can provide your data:


  • Answering to applications of the court, state or financial institutions only to the extent that is obligatory in order to execute the legal acts in force or the court ruling properly.

How long do we store your data?

We store your personal for not longer than it is required by the purposes of data management or legal acts foreseeing longer data storage, but not longer than for 5 years.

We try not to store any outdated or unnecessary information and ensure that the personal data and other information about customers is always updated and true.

What are cookies and what do we use them for?


Cookies are used in the website These are small files sent to your network browser and stored in the hard disk of your computer.


When you first visit our computer, cookies are transferred to your computer and used later for the identification of the computer. It is usual practice of browsing in websites that facilitates your browsing in the previously used website and simplifies the access to announced information. Most network browsers accept cookies, but you can change the setting of your internet browser so that no cookies are accepted. However, some functions of the website may not work in this case.


Moreover, the use of cookies enables automatic fixation of the data of attendance of the browser: information about the number of visitors, name of the server field (domain) of the online service provider of visitors, information that is read more frequently etc. It helps us to understand the way our visitors use the website and it allows us to improve provided services and simplify the accessibility of information.


The information collected with the help of cookies is usually used for the following purposes:


  • Use of functional cookies and service provision. Cookies are very important for the work of our website and electronic services. They ensure smooth experience of use for the user. For example, in case the user would like it, it is unnecessary to enter the first name, surname, password or other data on every logging.
  • Service development. Watching the use of cookies, we can improve the work of our website and electronic services. We get information, for example, which our websites are the most popular ones, on which websites users log from our website and how much time they spend in our website.
  • Analysis of use. We use cookies for the accumulation of statistical data about the number of users visiting our websites and use of electronic services as well as assessment of the effectiveness of promotion. We can collect information, for example, from e-mails and newsletters sent for the purpose of marketing in order to ascertain whether the e-mails have been opened and encouraged users to perform any acts, for example, whether the user has clicked on the link to our website provided in the e-mail.
  • For purposeful orientation of marketing. By using cookies, we can also collect information in order to provide the promotion or content intended for a certain browser by developing different target groups.

All information about cookies, their purpose, validity and used data is provided in the table below.


Name of cookie


Moment of development

Expiry date

Used data


Identifier of the session of the logged user

At the moment of entering the page

Until the user’s logging off

Unique identifier


Used for smooth communication in „Live help“

At the moment of entering the page

186 days

Unique identifier


Notification of the policy of privacy

At the moment of closing the notification

2 years

Unique identifier

Cookies of „Google+“ and „Google Analytics“:


The cookie collects information about the behaviour of users in the website and is used in order to store statistical information.

At the moment of the first entering the page

2 years

Unique identifier


The cookie collects information about the behaviour of users in the website and is used in order to distinguish between unique users by assigning a unique identifier (ID).

At the moment of entering the page

8 hours

Unique identifier

Other cookies used by „Google“ about which the information is provided here.


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